Vital Equipment to Guarantee Safe, Realistic Self-Defense Training

Vital Equipment to Guarantee Safe, Realistic Self-Defense Training 1

Of course, you want to feel safe when walking down the street, right? I mean, really, who doesn’t?

The anxiety of not feeling safe can be overwhelming and constricting, at the very least.

One way to feel more confident in almost every situation you may find yourself in is by learning and practicing self-defense.

That being said, practicing how to stay safe can potentially be dangerous, as you will be learning how to strike and defend yourself.

Thankfully, though, there is some great safety equipment that can help get you the training you need while keeping your body safe.

Check out these ideas on what safety equipment to use to keep you safe while training.

Mouth Guard

A mouth guard should be the first and most basic piece of safety equipment that you should purchase.

They are relatively inexpensive but are a great asset in keeping you injury free.

According to Clement Periodontal,

“Custom-designed mouth guards are made of durable plastic and molded to fit the shape of your teeth. Mouth guards are recommended to protect the jaw, tongue, cheek lining, and teeth during physical activity and sports such as lacrosse, football, basketball, boxing or other activities where your mouth might get hit”.

A fitted mouth guard can help protect you in several ways. First, it protects your teeth themselves from damage. It also protects your mouth from getting cut by your teeth from a blow. Mouth guards can also protect your partner’s hands from getting scratched or gouged by your teeth.


If you are practicing closed-fist striking, gloves can be a great help.

There are several types of gloves to choose from. Book Martial Arts says that

“The most important part of buying a pair of gloves will always be the intended purpose of said gloves. Amateur, training, sparring, bag, professional, each glove, “type,” has their own special purpose.”

For self-defense training, MMA-styled gloves may be more ideal, as they allow better hand function. Boxing-styled gloves typically offer more protection for your hands then MMA ones, however. Ultimately, you’ll want to pick a style of glove that will meet your needs and also keep your hands safe.


Headgear can be very important if you are training different types of striking.

head gearYou must protect your brain first and foremost because it is extremely important to stay alive and prevent brain injuries!

There are several types of headgear that you can purchase to train with. The more traditional type is used by several striking sports. It covers portions of your face and head with padding. Another type of headgear actually has a clear face/eye screen over it while still protecting your head. This can be useful to avoid being poked in the eye by a finger, which can and does happen!

These are some of the basic pieces of gear that you should consider purchasing if you plan on embarking on self-defense training.

Of course, there is additional gear and equipment that you might want to consider that offer different types of protection. However, if you have the items listed above, you are well on your way to safe practice and training.

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