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We have attended several seminars put on by Dave Durch, and I can honestly say that I and my students learned more in 3 days than most could in 2 weeks. Dave Durch is really raising the standards in mixed martial arts.
A student
Just when you think you have seen everything, Sifu Dave Durch will come along and just completely blow your mind! This guy has a solution for any situation.
A student
I have been training with Dave Durch for the last seven years. The prior twenty-two years I had trained in Brazilian Jujitsu, Kenpo Karate, Shotakan Karate, Aikido, and Krav Maga.  I have learned more in the last seven years than the prior twenty-two. Dave Durch understands the stree...
Tom S.
After the first day of training with Dave, I knew that this was the best Martial Arts instructor and best fighting system I have encountered. I have trained in Martial Arts / hand-to-hand since 1987. After many years of experience & training, working as a bodyguard and surviving multiple encounters,...
Matthew Metzler
Training with Dave has changed my life in many ways. Dave is not just a great teacher but a great friend.

I would recommend anyone looking to better themselves in the martial arts world to use Advanced Fighting Systems. It is the place for you.
Where do I begin? I met Dave over 25 years ago I was introduced to him by my brother-in-law. At that time, I didn't know what his introduction was going to do for me in my life. I had taken different disciplines of martial arts but never anything too serious. Either I was bored or just didn't want t...
Thanks for sharing. Always good to find a real expert.
Training with Dave helped build strength and the ability to defend myself. I'm more aware of my surroundings and feel confident knowing that I have the knowledge and skill to handle different situations.
Patty Anne Corson
I have had the good fortune to study under Dave Durch. He teaches students far more than the basic techniques, bringing out a student’s attributes. He also broadens your understanding of range and timing, enabling a student to perform the moves under actual combat conditions. He takes the training...
Josh Crank
I have been training with Dave for 4 years, and it has been the best 4 years because I have learned so much! I couldn't ask for a better teacher. He is not the type just to tell you that you're doing a good job; he makes you the best you want to be and takes the time to show you the right ways.
I first trained with Dave in the 1990's. I started training with him again this year. The skills I learned all those years ago returned so quickly, it was like I never left. A great testimony to the art and Dave's training methods.
Thanks for the great lesson and awesome workout! Slept like a rock!

Out of all the systems I've studied, this is the only one that is training for the reality of what happens in the street. I look forward to many more lessons!
John T. Stamm
Training with Dave has made a huge difference in my self-confidence and my ability to defend myself. My occupation/career is in the  Security field, and I am currently studying to go into law enforcement, so being able to effectively defend myself is crucial. I have trained in Gracie jiu-jitsu, A...
Justin Meade

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