Quotes to Keep You Going When You’d Rather Quit

quotes to keep you going

Training can be tough, eh?

If it were easy, everyone would be trained, fit, and ready for any situation.

You put in the work, though.

You train when you’re busy. You get up and put in the effort even when all you want to do is plop down on the couch and take it easy.

No matter how dedicated you are, though, those thoughts pop up and try to derail all your progress, don’t they?

You know the ones – the insidious ones that scream, “Not today! I just can’t do it anymore!” .

The good news is:

It doesn’t just happen to you.

Every single person who has achieved something great has had to fight those same thoughts and feelings.

Use these quotes from those who have gone through the fire and emerged victorious to spur you on, keep you going, and fight through to victory.

Special thanks to UnleashYourInnerBadass.co for these quotes. To see 30 additional quotes, check out 50 Determination Quotes to Drive You Past the Dungeon of Despair

fall down 7 times
justine musk
determined quote mike ditka
price to be paid quote
not a victim
even one can make a difference
build a door
don't be bullied into silence
learn from others
karen lamb quote
roger bannister quote
mj demarco quote
failures quote
oprah winfrey quote
every day battle quote
michael jordan quote
mohammed ali quote
mary anne r quote

Who or What Keeps You Going?

When things get tough and you just want to quit, even temporarily – what keeps you going?

Is there a mantra or a quote you use to get going again>

Is there a person (alive or dead) who inspires you?

What advice would you give to someone struggling from the effort to stick it out and keep on going?

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