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Get Fit & Develop Your Killer Instinct is a comprehensive, 1-year program designed to improve your fitness level while learning self-defense. You’ll learn the most efficient and effective ways to fight and defend yourself in any situation – even during a mass attack.

The program consists of six 8-week phases. Training is provided with online videos that you can watch anywhere and on any device.

Personalized coaching is available 24/7 with Sifu Dave Durch via email, FB chat, or phone. If you need a personalized program because you have a disability or an injury, contact Dave.

Phase 1 lays the foundation and introduces techniques that will become more important later on as you progress through the program.

Phase 1 includes 16 videos (the idea is to fully master 2 skills per week).

You’ll learn about footwork, hands (including 5 types of punches), Pak Sau, Lok Sau, strengthening your core / abs and forearms, holding and manipulating sticks for stick fighting, ear slaps, 2 types of kicks, finger and elbow strikes, how to set up a home training area, how to build or purchase a wing chun dummy, and how to use it.

Phases 2 through 6 (each 8 weeks long) build on top of the principles taught in Phase 1, with new concepts, techniques, and scenarios being introduced as you progress through the program. Again, most training is given via online videos, but personalized coaching is available for when you have questions, need modifications or clarification, or simply want feedback (just upload a video to YouTube (unlisted) and/or email a video to Dave).

Upon enrollment, you will only have access to Phase 1 for the first weight weeks. This is designed to ensure you fully master the Phase-1 techniques before moving on to Phase 2. Even advanced students need to master the initial moves and techniques and develop muscle memory to increase speed, power, and agility.

By the end of the year, you will have learned the most effective techniques distilled down from various forms of martial arts, including Jeet June Do, Wing Chun, Filipino martial Arts, Jiu Jitsu, and more.

You will be adept at:

    • Knife Fighting / Edged Weapons
    • Stick Fighting / Blunt Weapons
    • Grappling
    • Trapping
    • Kicks
    • Punches / Boxing
    • Destructions
    • Knowing What Techniques Work Best in What Situations
    • Close-Combat Defense
    • Effective Techniques in All Ranges
    • Mass Attacks
    • Self-Defense

You also get personalized coaching and access to your instructor, Sifu Dave Durch, 24/7 through email, FB chat, and phone. Dave’s mission is to guide you every step of the way and help you reach your goals.

He can design a specialized program for you if you have any kind of disability or limitation. He will respond right away, and definitely within 24 hours.

With this program, you don’t need a gym membership, and you can train at home whenever it’s convenient for you.  There’s no need to buy expensive equipment.

You get 24/7 access to an expert trainer with over 50 years of experience. The national average for a personal trainer is $110/hour! Imagine hiring a personal trainer and an expert instructor to personally coach you 2 hours a week – that would cost $11,440 a year!


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Eating & Exercise Guidelines

Choose a diet and exercise plan that fits your goals and your lifestyle.

Intro – Wing Chun Dummy
1 min 52 sec

Adding a Wing Chun Dummy to your home training station provides a lot of benefits, but it isn't mandatory. Dave talks about the Wing Chun dummy and shows you his.

While not mandatory, if you'd like to own a Wing Chun dummy, you can get one delivered in a couple days from Amazon.

Build an At-Home Exercise Band Station
1 min 43 sec

Exercise bands are excellent for building strength and speed and also for stretching, which is very important.

Here, Dave talks about the importance of having a band exercise station at home and shows you his.

All you need to build your own at-home band station is a couple 2x4's to attach some pipes to, wedge bolts to attach the boards to the wall, a few half-circle pipe connectors to attach the pipes to the vertical boards, pipes (1/2" work well), and the exercise bands themselves.

If you don't already have exercise bands, you can purchase a great set at a great price here at aliexpress:

Footwork – Half Circle
1 min 30 sec

Practice the half circle footwork to use in various defensive moves.

Footwork – Shuffle Step
2 min

The shuffle step footwork move.

The Jab
1 min 45 sec

Practice performing the jab correctly.

The Ear Slap
1 min 15 sec

Learn to effectively perform the ear slap.

Shifting and Switching Sides
1 min 30 sec

Learn to effectively shift and switch sides.

5 Types of Punches
2 min 11 sec

Learn boxer hands and the 5 types of punches.

Holding a Stick

Ways to effectively hold a stick or blunt weapon.

Working with 2 Sticks
1 min 45 sec

Effectively hold and manipulate two sticks.

Elbow Strikes
1 min 50 sec

Learn effective elbow strikes.

Ab Work with Bands
2 min 24 sec

Develop your core with sit-ups using bands.

Oblique Kick
1 min 43 sec

Learn the oblique kick.

Savate Kick
1 min 52 sec

Learn the savate kick.

Pak Sau
2 min 17 sec

Learn the Pak Sau and practice with a Wing Chun dummy

Lok Sau
1 min 29 sec

Learn the Lok Sau and practice with a Wing Chun Dummy.

Finger Strikes
1 min 55 sec

Learn effective finger strikes.

Building Forearm Strength
1 min 55 sec

Build forearm strength for better speed and power using bands.

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Duration: 1 Year
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