Durch's Advanced Fighting Systems

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Sifu Dave Durch

We train our students to be proficient in all 4 ranges of street self defense. From learning empty hands up through edge and blunt weapons to mass attack in every environment. To do so, we pull training methods from all styles of martial arts. These styles that we do pull from are chosen because they give us the attributes we need in the street environment.Our goal is to meet each individuals personal needs.

Self Dissatisfaction Lies at the root of our noblest achievements.

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 A.F.S President and Head Instructor Dave Durch has over 30 years in what He calls the FIGHT GAME

Dave has wrote articles for martial arts magazines, traveled the county doing seminars, and has appeared on a number of TV shows teaching his martial arts.

We offer training in street survival combative fighting tactics.
A.F.S trains real life scenarios that will save your life, we offer classes as well as customized programs for every individual or organization.

We train our clients how to survive from a empty hand stand up position ,weapons, Ground fighting, thru all 4 ranges of combat. 

Whether you are interested in self defense, fitness, just want to feel better about yourself, or for peace of mind, we will help you achieve your goals. Our programs are suited for the beginner and the experienced martial artist. For more info, contact us at (330) 240-4009, or d[email protected]

Dave teaching a seminar
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Dave winning the PKC national kickboxing belt
Some of the programs we offer are 
Personal assault defense.
Rape prevention.
Domestic violence.
Mass Attack.
Home invasion
Self awareness training ( to be aware of your environment)
Improvised weapons training.
Blade and stick fighting.
We specialize in understanding weapons both in how to used them and to disarm them
Subject control for security and law enforcement professionals.
Newspaper article featuring Dave